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For about 30 years Giancarlo and Nadia Nardi have been committed to make this fundamental moment in every woman's life a truly unforgettable event.
Today the bride  is a 'natural' bride with regards to both cosmetics and hairstyle, a 'radiant' and 'brilliant' bride in all her essence. From their  extensive experience, Giancarlo and Nadia Nardi give the right charm to modern brides, who, unlike the brides of the 90's, are finally rediscovering the taste for simplicity and elegance thanks to a perfect harmony between cosmetics and hairstyling.
A natural, bright and clear make-up which gives special attention to eyes and mouth, avoiding the use of dark powders giving rather preference to pastel tones discreetly shaded on the eyes and to shiny lights coloured lips. An expert haircut, with hair partially brought together or a real 'do it yourself' style, groomed and elegant. The every day naturalness of the woman is therefore not disturbed but on the contrary enhanced with art and skill for the 'I do' moment.
Regarding accessories, pearls and tulle (on the veil or twined in the hair) are adorned in the  hair-dress and give an extra touch of fashion. Instead of artificial flowers, now-a-days brides express their style with fresh flowers, such as lilies and orange blossoms twisted within hair and accented by tone on tone high-lights, in order to keep an as natural effect as possible.
Nardi DaySpa offers a full service, including several fittings before the wedding in accordance with the dress, the party and the ceremony. The service can be done at home and does not include only the make-up and hair-dressing, but also the actual full preparation of the bride.

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